No Room for Error

With only 4 players, tennis team has to be flawless to win


Kerry Naylor

Hollen expects to be in district finals.

Blair Poorman, Staff Writer

Can you imagine playing a sport where you have to be perfect every time you go out in order for your team to win?  This is what the Tyrone/Bellwood girls’ co-op tennis team faces every time they have a match.  They start each match down one, because they have to forfeit one match every time.

The reason? They only have four girls on the tennis team.

Two girls on the team, Hannah Klesius and Tina Hollen, are outstanding player who are from Bellwood-Antis.

Hollen said it can be hard to win at times because they have to be virtually flawless.

“We forfeit match one match every time so without even starting we’re done one,” she said. “We can still win, it’s very possible.”

Things were even worse for the team earlier this season. When the schedule began they only had three players with Hollen, Klesius and Tyrone’s Marlena Wagner. Later, Tyrone’s Ericka Voyzey joined the team to make it four.

Klesius said it takes the pressure off everyone having four players.

It’s difficult knowing we’ll never sweep a match, but having four people has really improved our record.”

— Hannah Klesius

“It’s difficult knowing we’ll never sweep a match, but having four people has really improved our record,” said Klesius.

The tennis team came into this year after qualifying 2nd in the districts team tennis in 2014 with a record of 10-3, but they can’t be as successful this year.  The team isn’t eligible for district team tennis because they don’t have enough players.

Although they can’t participate in team districts, they can compete in district singles and doubles.

“I expect to make it to district finals in both singles and doubles,” said Hollen.

Hannah Klesius prepares to it ball
Kerry Naylor
Hannah Klesius prepares to hit the ball

As of right now Hollen has lost only once this season.

Both Hollen and Klesius have been playing tennis for about 3 years now, and they have both seen great improvement in their games

“I have improved greatly from where I began three years ago.  Lessons help, but the best way to get better is by playing better people,” Klesius.

Some of the best parts about playing the sport for both girls is getting to play with your friends.

“I love how close all of my teammates and I have gotten throughout the season.  Playing a sport with some of your best friends is an unforgettable feeling,” Klesius said.

Hollen’s favorite part about this season is simply, “winning.”

Hollen also plays two other sports, basketball and track.  But Hollen says she likes tennis the most because, “It’s what I’m best at and I control everything that happens.  Whether I win or lose all the blame is on me and I don’t have to depend on others.”

This is Klesius’s last year on the tennis team and she has something she would like to say to people thinking about going out for tennis team next year.

“If you’re interested in playing a sport, but don’t want crushing pressure.  Tennis is where it’s at.  It’s a fun, relaxed environment where you can get active and destress,” said Klesius.