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Mariah Younker, Staff Writer

“What you don’t know now

One day you’ll learn

Growing up is a heavy leaf to turn

A heavy leaf to turn” (Portugal, WALK THE MOON)

Shut Up and Dance/YouTube

WALK THE MOON is an indie rock band who originated from Cincinnati, Ohio. Most commonly known for their hit single Shut Up and Dance, the band still continues to surprise audiences with their hypnotic sounds and killer rock vibes.

Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman make up this four man, alternative quartet. The band’s roots began at Kenyon College in 2008 with some more former members who no longer are a part of the band.

The band put out their debut album in 2010 including their first hit single Anna Sun. The song received recognition through alternative radio stations as well as a spot on an American Eagle soundtrack that played throughout stores all through America.

WALK THE MOON has been touring since 2011 with popular indie rock bands such as GroupLove, Young the Giant, and Panic! At the Disco. More recently they’ve been touring with their new album Talking is Hard at festivals and colleges.

On October 4th the band played at Pittsburgh University for free at Pitt’s annual fall fest. The band played all of their songs from the new album with high energy and vigor. The entire band had great stage presence that left the crowd dancing and enjoying themselves the entire time. This concert will be one that I will never forget.

WALK THE MOON has a very promising future in the music industry because they have something about them that is very relatable. The members are very down to earth and it shows through their music.

Different Colors, a song about equality, promotes the band’s concept of race with a catchy chorus with a lot of meaning. WALK THE MOON uses their music to touch audiences with techno sounds and heavy guitar.

If you’re looking for some new music this band is definitely worth the listen.