Fantasy Football Week 5 Preview


With a month down and 3 more to go, the fantasy football season is in full swing. There are many players with high projected amounts, but are they worth starting?

Jamaal Charles is projected 22.7 points this week, way more than any other player, including quarterbacks. He goes up against Chicago defense who has lost a quality starter in Jared Allen who went to Carolina as a part of a trade last week. Eddie Lacy is projected 17.5 this week and should get that entire amount. DeAndre Hopkins is looking to have a field day against a terrible Cots defense plagued by injuries. Look for him to have 20+ points this week.

Avoid starting Andrew Luck, he has been suffering from a shoulder injury that kept him out on Sunday, so you should keep Luck on your bench for one more week. Also, do not start Amari Cooper. He is going up against Denver, who has the best secondary in the game. Look for cooper to struggle to obtain any catches, let alone any breakoff scores this Sunday.

When all is said and done, fantasy football is all about luck and guessing. No one knows for sure who will play good and who will play bad until the game is all over. Good luck.