Military recruiter visits B-A band

Officer discusses auditioning and music careers


Emilee Astore

Louis Boff, r staff sergeant with the US Marines, visited B-A’s band class last week.

Makala Doyle, Staff Writer

Last week, the Bellwood-Antis band had a visitor from the military.

Sergeant Louis Boff, a recruiter, came in to talk to the band students about the MUOP- Musician Enlistment Option Program.

He spoke to students about the opportunities of being a musician in the military. He informed the students about what all you had to do to become a musician in the military, and everything you can do there. You would expect to have two performances each day, and they even have a jazz group.

There are many opportunities, including aid for your college tuition.

“This recruiter let students know about a great option for a career in music. Military musicians have a much more stable career path than other professional performers. It’s also a great way for a musician to serve their country,” said Mr. Sachse.

After the presentation, some students showed some interest in performing in a military ensemble someday.

Angela Young said, “It was a great presentation. He told us a lot and it was very interesting to learn about. I really enjoyed it.”

At the end of the presentation, SGT Boff also challenged the students to a push-up contest. Jeremy Morrissey won with thirty-five push-ups and received a t-shirt.