The Bellwood Buzz just got wacky!

Morning segments entertain BAMS students


Jamie Forshey

Samuel Gormont takes a lot of pride in creating morning news segments for the Bellwood Buzz.

The Bellwood-Antis Middle School morning news program, also known as The Bellwood Buzz, shares a lot of different information with the teachers and students each day. For instance, the student reporters talk about the weather, the school lunch, and a new segment introduced most recently is called “Wacky Holidays”.  This segment was created by eighth grader Samuel Gormont. He provides the pictures and information about the unique ways people celebrate each day of the year.

Samuel puts a lot of hard work, dedication and time forth each day to keep us updated on the latest and craziest holidays on the planet.

But Sam’s work doesn’t stop there! He also shares other daily segments, too. These include Merry Mondays (America’s Funniest Home Videos), Tuesday Tunes (Music Videos), Wipeout Wednesday (videos featuring the Wipeout Game Show), Think It Thursday (Brain Games videos) and Faultless Friday (Dude Perfect videos).

We got the chance to talk with Sam about this very important job, and here’s what he had to say.

Question: 1 Why did you make the segments for the morning announcements?

Answer: I wanted to give a bit of excitement to each individual at the school each day.

Question: 2 What is your favorite segment to do in the morning?

Answer: My favorite segment is Wipeout Wednesday because that was the very first one I created.

Question 3: Do you enjoy doing the segments every morning?

Answer: Yes, I do enjoy it every morning because I like to see smiles as I walk in the hall.

Question 4: Do you think most people enjoy your segments?

Answer: I have asked friends before if they like it, and they said yes.

Question 5: Are you disappointed that you might not get to do this next year as a freshman in the high school?

Answer: I hope to, but if not, yes, I will be disappointed because people won’t enjoy the announcements like they used to.

Here’s a shout out to Sam for entertaining all of us every morning of the week!