Seventh graders participate in long distance learning activity

Students learn to control Scanning Electron Microscope via Skype


Jamie Forshey

Students enjoyed their Skype lesson with Dr. Ashcraft.

The seventh graders in Mr. Hescox’s science class had the opportunity to partner with Dr. Jared Ashcraft to see what a Scanning Electron Microscope looks like and how it works.

Dr. Jared Ashcraft, who lives in California, is a Ph.D. in Pasadena City College. Mr. Hescox linked up with him and then Skyped each other. Mr. Hescox projected the microscope and the Skype session on his whiteboard.

The microscope the students were able to use cost anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000. Some seventh grade volunteers got to adjust the focus and control the magnification from being on the other side of the country! The students observed sea fossils, ants and dandelion seeds.

The students also had the chance to ask Dr. Ashcraft questions about his background and about the Scanning Electron Microscope.

Overall, the seventh graders were engaged in the furthering of science, technology and engineering. These students were able to discover that there is more to science than just a textbook.

This activity was an experience of a lifetime for our BAMS science kids!