BOOKLIGHT: We Were Liars


Kerry Naylor

We Were Liars has plenty of plot twists to keep you engaged.

Kaelynn Behrens, Student Contributor

YouTube/Kaelynn Behrens

Do you like young love?! Do you like plot twists that you’d never expect?! Well then you should definitely read We Were Liars!

We Were Liars was written by a literary genius, E. Lockhart in 2014. It begins with Cady and her horrible accident that would change her live forever. She and her family live on the Island of the Sinclairs. They have everything they would ever need there, especially money, but Cady wants more. Cady wants love. She eventually falls in love, but this love is complicated. Things escalate drastically, and Cady’s world is about to start burning down.

In We Were Liars there are four main characters known as The Liars: Gat, Cadence (Cady), Johnny, and Mirren. Johnny and Mirren are Cadence’s cousins. While Gat is only Johnny’s friend, he comes to the island every year. They have all been on this island every summer since they have been 8 years old.

Gat is a Hispanic boy who loves reading and loves Cady. Cady is quiet but she is full of emotion. Cady keeps it all inside, except when she’s around Gat. Johnny has potential but he is determined. He has a funny way of showing it. Mirren just wants to be loved. She has big dreams and a big heart.

We Were Liars will leave you wanting more and rethinking everything!”

These four characters really make the story easy to relate to. They are all so different and unique that it makes it simple for a reader to find things in common with The Liars, and E. Lockhart does an exceptional job at developing them. Each character is so realistic, it almost seems like it’s based on a true story. This is one of the reasons this book will never leave your sight!

We Were Liars is known for skipping around in time so it makes it a little difficult to follow. Oh, but don’t worry. Everything is explained at the end.

I would recommend We Were Liars mostly to girls. This book is just one big love story taken to another level. However there are ways that guys can get into this book just as much as a girl. It has unbelievable plot twists and a great story line. We Were Liars will leave you wanting more and rethinking everything! You won’t regret it!!!