New scoreboards come to B-A


Jarrett Taneyhill

This scoreboard has many neat features.

Jarrett Taneyhill, Staff Writer

If you attended any home basketball game last night, you got to see the new scoreboards in our gym.

The bigger of the two scoreboards has some very cool features.  These features include side boards that keep track of player’s numbers, points, and fouls.  On top of that, the player’s number will blink anytime that player scores or enters the game.

The scoreboards are in the gym mainly because of the work of President of the Boys Basketball Booster Club, Miss Brenda McGee.  She had to find sponsors to get enough money for the scoreboards and she did just that.

According to Miss McGee, “Finding sponsors for the new scoreboard was fairly easy.

We have nice strong support not only from our fans but the local businesses as well.

— Brenda McGee

“We have a great community where the local businesses are always willing to step up and help our teams succeed with whatever tools are needed.”

The sponsors that sponsored the scoreboard include Martin Oil Company, Imler’s Poultry, Bellwood Eagles, American Legion, Tuckahoe Valley Disposal, Martin General Stores, and Delgrosso’s.

If you have seen the new scoreboards at a game, you may have noticed that one has been experiencing some technical difficulties. With that being said, new parts for the scoreboard have arrived and it will be fully functional soon.