Are students getting enough P.E. at school?

Some recent studies suggest the answer is no.


Tierra Mahute

Some B-A students would love the idea of more gym class.

Kara Engle, Staff Writer

Did you know it’s recommended that children get at least thirty minutes of exercise every day? However in a recent survey seven out of ten parents stated that their children’s school did not provide physical education.

Schools not providing physical education isn’t the only problem. Some schools provide physical education and the amount of time per day is good, but the amount of days per week is not enough.

Mr. Nick Lovrich, the boys health and physical education teacher at Bellwood-Antis, agrees that there should be more days during the week for physical education.

We probably get about half an hour the days we have physical education, so time-wise it isn’t that bad.”

— Mr. Lovrich

“Well they recommend about half an hour of exercise a day,” he said. “We probably get about half an hour the days we have physical education, so time-wise it isn’t that bad.”

Mrs. Lori Nyman, the health and physical education teacher for girls at Bellwood-Antis, also agrees.

“Physical education should be ideally every day,” she said.

Children not getting enough exercise can harm them. One out of three kids are considered overweight or obese. Obesity can lead to very serious matters involving: diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

If children got the correct amount of exercise, would it benefit them? Some studies suggest physical education can improve kid’s behavior and grades in school. It lowers stress, increases sleep and social interaction, and makes children more focused.

There’s still the question of whether it should it be the school’s issue to assure children get the correct amount of exercise or should it be an outside of school issue?

Mrs. Nyman and Mr. Lovrich said they think children can do more outside of school.

Mrs. Nyman said, “Children can do simple things like less screen time, and spending less time on iPads, and watching television.”