Foster hates Caillou


Brendan Kowalski

Down with Caillou.

Most of us have heard of the children’s television show Caillou. It is a Canadian television show that aired in the United States from September, 1997 to September, 2006. Quite a surprise that it lasted that long!

You may have also heard of the Houston Texans’ all-star running back Arian Foster. As many people do, he absolutely despises Caillou. “I can tolerate most of these kid shows, but caillou is unbearable. There’s no plot and the animation is avg. Can’t take it,” was tweeted by Arian Foster on March 26, 2014.

Bullying is never alright, unless it is Caillou you are bullying.

Foster is right, there is no plot whatsoever. An average episode consists of the young, bald boy taking on some sort of easy task: breathing, walking, petting a dog, or changing his clothes. Caillou can’t do anything right and ends up the show on his butt, crying with his parents driving away laughing because they don’t have to deal with him anymore. Somehow, he finds his way back home to start a new episode whining about something else.

However, the animations might be even worse. The show started off with Caillou as a newborn cartoon baby and as he got older, all they did was make his arms and legs longer. His face stays the same as if Canadians’ faces are permanently frozen from the cold. His parents, having their soul sucked out by their demon son Caillou, show no emotion in any episode.

Bullying is never alright, unless it is Caillou you are bullying. He’s not even a human. No human gives up and cries at everything they try in their life. So maybe this show is made to feel the 4-year old viewers better about themselves because they aren’t like Caillou and they never will be. On the other hand, this could make your child whine more, leaving them closer to getting abandoned on a cold, hard, Canadian roadside.

Arian Foster is working towards getting this show off of television once and for all. On the same day as he tweeted his quote above, he also tweeted, “I’m sure if we rally together we can get it off air. My mentions are full of caillou disgust lol.”