Classic Bundle no match for Taneyhill

B-A junior devours massive amounts of food in 20 minutes


Junior Jarrett Taneyhill housed a family-sized meal at McDonalds after a recent basketball game.

Bellwood-Antis junior Jarrett Taneyhill accomplished a major feat for mankind last night.

After a win by the boys’ basketball team up at Mount Union, the squad made a stop at the Huntingdon McDonald’s. This is the place where Taneyhill set eating expectations for the rest of the nation, rising as a possible diner alongside competitive eaters like Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi.

Jarrett Taneyhill eats a bundle/Ethan McGee

It started off as a normal Mickey D’s stop.

“I only wanted a Big Mac Meal, but then Ethan McGee inspired me to go for more,” said Taneyhill.

He was able to devour the Classic Bundle, composed of two Big Macs, 20 McNuggets, a basket full of fries, and a large Dr. Pepper to top it all off. A meal comprised of approximately 2,960 calories was finished in just 20 minutes.

With that time, Jarrett set a Huntingdon McDonald’s record for the most food consumed in the least amount of time.

In doing so, he whoofed down 100 grams of fat, quite possibly doing irreparable damage to his circulatory system.

Teammate Jack Showalter attempted to accomplish the feat along with Taneyhill, and he was quickly rushed to the emergency room 15 minutes later. A full obituary for Showalter will appear next week in the BluePrint.