BOOKLIGHT: Violent Ends

Julie Bauer, Student Contributor

Have you ever wondered what could motivate a student to go through with a school shooting?

Violent Ends book trailer/YouTube

In Violent Ends, 14 different YA authors work together to examine the psychology of Kirby Matheson, who will eventually become a monster that will take the lives of five students, a teacher, and himself. Each author has their own chapter, each told from a different point of view, each connected one fateful event, and all interconnected.

Some of the stories are sweet. Some are unsettling. The perceptions of each character – his sister, his first girlfriend, his bullies, and even his gun – all come together to paint a picture of Kirby Matheson.

This thrilling and thought-provoking read also conveys important messages about humanity, the most important of which is that no human is all good or all bad. As the characters learn of the school shooting, they become conflicted. The Kirby they knew, the quiet kid who played in the band, loved to read, and never got into any real trouble greatly contrasted with the Kirby who killed himself and his peers. On the other hand, some characters saw a much darker side of Kirby.

If you want to read an intriguing book that delves into the complexity of a killer’s psyche, then read Violent Ends. It’s the kind of book that allows you to think and form your own perception of the story’s events.