Just Juniors: Michaela Miller


Kerry Naylor

Michaela Miller has traded in Barbara Streisand for Norah Jones.

Michaela Miller: junior, artsy, and not into Barbra Streisand anymore.

This girl is a walking, talking art aficionado. Music is her life. Just like an athlete eats, sweats, dreams and bleeds for sports, this girl uses every facet of her life to excel in music and art. Besides all of her work with the music department she’s also involved in the music theater’s upcoming project.

Michaela is also in Spanish Club, because who wouldn’t want some of those sweet, sweet churros muy bien, amigo.

She ‘claims’ she doesn’t do anything after school. Most of her after school time is spent on music theater projects that are soon to be produced. This junior hasn’t chosen a college yet, but she is certain that she wants to go into business entrepreneurship. After talking with Michaela you can really tell she’s an independent thinker.

This girl is a walking, talking art aficionado. Music is her life.

Since this young, talented artist carries so much music about her, she explained that her favorite songs were “Happy Pills and “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones. When asked to elaborate she had this to say, “I like them [the songs] because they’re slow and mellow, unlike me.”

She’s got a bit of wit about her. Michaela is definitely a girl that’d be empowered by fellow female artists. She’s a girl that really sticks to what she believes. Her favorite book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed. According to Michaela the book is about a woman who divorced her husband and hiked an extremely long mountain in the U.S.; she also chose her name after the divorce, Strayed, which means to become wild.

Now, for the people who inspire Michaela on pretty much a daily basis. Her favorite artists are Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Jem and Jewel. Her favorite teachers are Ms. Hull, Mrs. Nyman, Mrs. Flarend, and the retirees Mr. Bower and Senora Claar. Michaela’s high school teachers have been very constructive in her curriculum here at Bellwood-Antis, but in ways that she can really take to heart.

I’m sure that if you ever talk to Michaela you’ll see what a creative mind and beautiful personality lies within her.