Sensational Sophomore: Lydia Eamigh


Kara Engle

Sophomore Lydia Eamigh is a unique individual.

Lydia Eamigh is one of the nicest people you will catch walking through the halls of Bellwood-Antis! She’s always making her friends laugh and always cheering people up! She’s there for you no matter what situation you’re in, and that’s why the BluePrint chose her has this month’s Sensational Sophomore!

Mikayla McCracken, one of Lydia’s sophomore friends, thinks Lydia is very nice and fun to be around.

“Lydia is always there for you,” she said. “She would give you anything if that meant you would smile.”

Another one of her friends, Clayton Engle, who is also a sophomore, thinks Lydia is hilarious.

“Lydia is always there for you,” she said. “She would give you anything if that meant you would smile.””

— Mikayla McCracken

“Lydia is chill and one of my homies,” he said. “She has been my friend for a very long time, and if you need a good laugh always go to her.”

Lydia is very proud to call herself a B-A cheerleader. She loves spending time with her cheer squad and loves cheering on her good friends in their sports.

Besides cheer leading, Lydia’s involved in Key Club, Spanish Club, and B.B.B.S. She loves attending all these activities, especially at Bellwood!

Her favorite part about going to Bellwood is it’s a small school but has a lot of opportunities!

One thing you might not know about Lydia is she used to attend Cyber School, but she obviously loves Bellwood so much more! She loves interacting with people and likes how she’s able to play sports.

Her favorite teachers would have to be Mrs. Carney and Senora Smith. They both teach her so well and always makes sure the class is on the same page. Her favorite class is Algebra 2 because she’s very good at it.

Whenever she’s not attending all her activities she does volunteer work and babysits her little sister. She loves enjoying hanging out with her siblings and also enjoys watching her favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy, and her favorite movie, As Above So Below.