Fab Freshman: Jordyn Beam


Kara Engle

Jordyn Beam, front and center, is this month’s Fab Freshman. She shown with her crew: back (l to r) Olivia Thomas, Hannah Wicks, and Tylar Clemente.

Jordyn Beam is one of the most laid back girls you’ll ever meet. She’s always getting a laugh out of all her classmates and is always having a blast. She may seem shy, but she’s actually very talkative.

Ali Wagner, one of Jordyn’s freshman friends, says “Jordyn always has me laughing every time I’m near her.”

Another one of Jordyn’s freshman friends, Hannah Wicks loves to be around Jordyn.

“I can be myself around her,” she said.

Jordyn is a very talented dancer at PBR, Pauline Baker Rodgers School of Dance. Her favorite part about being in dance is being able to enjoy time with her friends. One of her friends from dance she loves being around is Madison Noel.

Her greatest moment she’s ever had involving dance would have to be when she got her first Arial.

Her greatest accomplishments in dance is she won fifth place in nationals for her solo, she went to nationals this summer in Vegas and won third for her solo, and also she won twelfth place for her solo at the hardest completion that they got to go to.

Jordyn dances a lot, so if she’s not dancing she’s at school.

Her favorite part about attending school at Bellwood is she likes the friendly environment. Mrs. Stinson is her favorite teacher because she thinks she’s a great teacher.

Mrs. Stinson says “She’s quiet but hard working and she does well in my class.”

When asked how she feels about being the third Beam featured on the blueprint she feels that the blueprint had to feature her.