Prom 2016: Red Carpet Affair


Manning Photography

Everyone was out on the dance floor all throughout prom

Makala Doyle, Staff Writer

This past weekend, on April 30, Bellwood-Antis juniors and seniors attended the 2016 prom. Even though there were clouds in the sky, nothing stopped students from enjoying the day and dancing the night away at the Red Carpet Affair.

Even though doors did not open to the prom until 6:30, many people started their days early on in the morning.

“My day started around 12:30 to go get my hair done. After that, we were constantly busy with getting ready, going to take all of our pictures, and going out to eat,” said Senior Christina Kowalski. “It is definitely an all-day thing.”

Once 6:30 came around, doors opened and everyone and their dates were able to enter the Discovery Center. With red lights and decorations all throughout the room, it definitely looked like a Red Carpet Affair.

Everyone lined up to get their formal pictures done, and once the music started, everyone was on the dancefloor.

“I felt ecstatic when I came through the doors of the Discovery Center,” said Junior Jason Shade. “It was great to see everybody smiling and having a great time.”

With a complete playlist of current and older songs, the night ended with the Class of 2016’s class song, I Lived by One Republic.

“Seeing everything finalized and together was the best feeling ever. It seemed like everyone had a great time,” said Junior Class Officer Haley McCloskey

An event like this doesn’t just plan itself, though. Mrs. Frank and the Junior Class Officers spent a lot of time planning and setting up for the prom.

“The amount of prizes we were able to giveaway this year was amazing, too. It gave a lot of people the chance to win a prize, and who doesn’t love that,” added Haley.  “I was really lucky to have been able to be on the prom committee to help plan it. It was the perfect prom!”

Everyone can agree that it was a day to remember and everyone had a lot of fun!