Athlete of the Week: Myranda Mamat


Mamat bunting the ball against Mo Valley.

Junior Myranda Mamat has been a big help in right field during the past couple months of softball.

Recently this year she had to step up and fill the position that Caroline Showalter mostly played last year.

With Mamat taking right field it allowed Showalter to be able to catch more, leading the girls to a 17-3 season.

The girls will play tomorrow on Penn State’s Beard Field at noon in the District 6-AAA championship. In a recent story Taylor Shildt stated that Bellefonte will be looking for revenge.

Be there to support the Lady Blue Devil softball team on a win over Bellefonte.

How did you get involved with softball?

Mamat: I started playing softball in Elementary school for the little league softball and live been doing it ever since.

What’s the best part of softball to you?

Mamat: I think the best part of meeting people and making friends. Playing travel softball has taken me to many places while playing a game I love.

What positon do you play?

Mamat: I play right field.

How did you improve as an individual from last year?

Mamat: I’ve definitely improved in my position playing for school. Last year I didn’t really play every game and this year I needed to step up to the position and I think I’ve done well but we are all still learning every day.

How do you predict the rest of the season will go?

Mamat: As long as we work our hardest and work together as a team I think we can do anything.

Do you plan on continuing softball into your college career?

Mamat: No I don’t. As much as I love playing softball I really don’t see myself playing in college. I think I play well and have fun doing it but I don’t think I have that type of ability, it’s a great dream to have though.