20 Questions with Troy Confer


  • How many pairs of shoes do you own?


  • Do you have cherished childhood object? If so what?

“Yes, a Scooby Doo blanket”

  • What is your favorite type of pie?

“Pumpkin obviously”

  • Do you believe in ghosts?


  • Have you ever eaten a whole tube of pringles by yourself?

“No, who actually has time for that?”

  • What sound would you say best sums you up?

“It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy?”

  • If you were in a movie would you rather be the guy who get the girl or a baddie with all the great lines?

“The guy who gets the girl”

  • If you were a wrestler what would you want your name to be?

“I want my name to be No Comment”


  • If you could have 1 feature from an animal what would it be?

“Eco location from a bat, in case I ever go blind”

  • Which fictional character do you wish was real?

“Iron man”

  • If you invented a monster what would you call it?


  • If you ruled your own country who would you get to write your national anthem?


  • Can you solve a rubix cube?


  • What is your biggest fear?

“Being buried alive”

  • What is one thing you can’t when people do?

“Not flush the toilet”

  • If you were a giant mega monster what city would you rampage?

“Chicago because their death rate is so high nobody would notice me”

  • What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

“Rock fish”

  • What’s the strangest name you have ever heard?

“Abcde” (ab-seh-duh)

  • What makes you nervous?

“Being unprepared”

  • Can you believe that ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ is in fact not butter?

“Yes I can”