Bellwood-Antis art students win PennDot’s Paint the Plow contest


PennDOT Facebook photo

Winner, winner … Bellwood-Antis art students won the Paint the Plow contest sponsored by PennDOT.

Briana Sisto, Staff Writer

With winter just around the corner, schools from all over Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Huntington, and Somerset counties were asked by PennDOT to paint a snow plow with a winter safety theme as part of its Paint the Plow contest.

When it was all said and done, Mrs. Leah McNaul’s entry from her Bellwood-Antis art students was voted the overall winner for Blair County.

The theme was “Don’t Crowd the Plow.” There was a panel of judges that picked an overall winner for “best in show.”

B-A went up against Tyrone, the Altoona CTC, Claysburg- Kimmel, and Williamsburg High School. There were several art students involved in this contest.

A lot of time went into it, and it’s definitely evident by the craftsmanship.

— Mrs. McNaul

“Mikala McCracken, Tierra Mahute, and Jasmine McCoy and the rest of the fifth period class were the ones who were assigned the project and the image for the plow came from all three of the girls’ ideas. They painted it for the first few weeks and when we realized that we weren’t going to get finished on time we started having the fourth and eighth period classes to work on it as well.”

Mrs. McNaul was happy with the teamwork her students displayed.

“With all of their help, we were able to get it done and it looks fantastic, with perfect craftsmanship and an image that matched the theme perfectly,” said Mrs.  McNaul.

Mrs. McNaul said it’s a win for all of her art students, who dedicated a lot of extra time outside of the class to the project.

“They’re the ones who put the idea into play, and worked tirelessly for weeks on end for about three or four weeks and even the art club worked on it a day after school every week. So a lot of time went into it, and it’s definitely evident by the craftsmanship that the students did,” said Mrs. McNaul.

To see all of the plows entered in the contest, visit the PennDOT Facebook page.