Freshmen Win Nine Weeks “Tailgate” Party


Cazen Cowfer , Staff Writer

For the past two years, students in the high school compete to win a “free day” by having the best attendance, grades, and behavior reports each marking period. This marking period 9th grade won.

The activity for winning this year will be an outdoor Tailgate party on November 4th. There will be flag football, beanbag toss, tag, and a bunch of other fun games. There will also be a bunch of junk food and snacks.

According to Mrs. Adams the assistant principle, the activity day went great last year.

“It actually wasn’t a close tie to win this nine weeks,” said Mrs. Adams.

The percent’s in attendance were very close in 9th and 10th grade at 95.79% for freshmen, and 95.24% for sophomores.

The activity day will be held during seventh and eighth period.

Freshmen also won twice last year.