Bryce Graham

Shalee Bennett is a sensational sophomore you should know about.

Everyone at Bellwood knows Shalee Bennett, she is very loud and outgoing, one of the funniest people that you will ever meet.

Her favorite part of BA is that the teachers are more likes friends and parents rather than teachers. You can always talk to them or goof around and they do it back, she said.

“I have an impenetrable immune system, is something no one knows about me,” said Shalee.

She looks up to her grandfather because he always helps others and is always fair.

“In my free time I go outside with my friends and goof around,” said Shalee.

When she gets older she wants to eventually get her own research company and call it B ‘n’ B’s Research.

“After Bellwood I would like to graduate from Tampa University to become a Marine Biologist,” Shalee said.