UNSUNG HEROES: B-A lunch ladies


Brooke Beichler

B-A’s lunch ladies have a tough job, but they wouldn’t trade the experience.

Brooke Beichler, Staff Writer

Often at Bellwood-Antis, we recognize the athletes and the teachers; however, we don’t recognize the people that work the hardest in the background.

The amazing lunch ladies work hard to make all of B-A’s food and clean up after us, and you never hear them complain. They are here anywhere from 2-6 hours every day.

Who else in this school knows everyone’s names, and what they like to eat?

No matter what people may think, they don’t have an easy job.

They are awesome cooks.

— Ashley Yohn

“Its hard making enough food for everyone, and making food that everyone likes,” said Brandi Mercer.

Marlena Myers said the logistics of lunch time are a real challenge.

“The hardest thing about what I do is getting everyone through the lunch lines in an efficient amount of time,” said Mrs. Myers.

Student at B-A are very grateful for the lunch ladies.

“They are awesome cooks,” said freshman Ashley Yohn.

Freshman Joyce Zheng said, “I’m very thankful, and grateful for the lunch ladies.”

Even though it’s really hard work, they all love their job.

“I love my job, and everyone I work with…most of the time,” said Christa Spiker.

Mrs. Myers also said she loves her job.

“I love what I do and the people that I work with,” said Brandy Mercer.