College Corner: Kiara Wolfe


Jestalyn Heaton

Kiara Wolfe has decided to enlist in the United States Navy.

Kiara Wolfe is College Corners first military participant. She is a hard working and determined young woman with an amazing dream ahead of her. Here is what she had to say about her military career choice.

The Blueprint: What made you choose the Navy?

Kiara: The things that made me choose to go into the Navy would be to travel the world and to pay for college.

The Blueprint: What do you want to do in the service?

Kiara: I want to go into office and administrative support.

The Blueprint: Do you want to make the military a career?

Kiara: As of right now, no, because I haven’t experienced it yet but if I enjoy and like it then yes I would.

The Blueprint: Why is serving your country important to you?

Kiara: I feel as though I need to do more with my life that what I’m doing right now. I feel as though we take our country for granted and I want to give back.