Corbin Nale

Mrs. Campbell has enjoyed her move to the middle school.

Corbin Nale, Staff Writer

Being with the kids and summer, what else could Mrs. Campbell, the middle school English teacher, ask for?

Mrs. Campbell says she “never thought about” why she wanted to be a teacher. She was thinking of maybe being a pro football player or maybe a movie star. But she says, “I never truly saw myself doing anything else.”

I never truly saw myself doing anything else.”

— Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Campbell recently made a switch from being the art teacher in the elementary school to now being the middle school English teacher. She says, “Both have positives and negatives but I made the right choice.”

Mrs. Campbell loved to teach art, but she also loves the challenge associated with teaching English. She says, “I find the pressure to be a great motivator.”

But Mrs. Campbell still misses the art room in the elementary school. She says, “There are certainly days when it is 90 degrees that make me miss the big, cool art room.”

She also misses the great elementary staff.

Teaching at two schools in North Carolina and two other schools in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Campbell has a lot of experience.

Over all the other schools that Mrs. Campbell taught at, she loves Bellwood for the small town aspect. “(I love) teaching my friends’ children and seeing my old teachers and nephews in the hallway.”

After all, Mrs. Campbell loved the elementary school, but she loves her middle school position. She says, “My team is awesome.”