BA HISTORY 101: Homecoming 1994


Alexis Gerwert

Homecoming was a little different in 1994, but the three candidates were just as anxious as the court this year.

This week in 1994, The Hylite, the precursor of the Blue Print, reported that Christy Nagle, Natalie Riley, and Kara Tomchick were nominated as their senior classes’ homecoming court.

There are many differences from Homecoming now versus then and some similarities.

On Friday, September 8 the class of 2018 voted for its court. Instead of three girls like in ’94, five girls are now chosen. However, this year there was a tie and six girls are on the court. The following girls were nominated: Ali Dumin, Shayla Branstetter, Alexis Gerwert, Sidney Patterson, Rachel Wertz, and Kamryn Mercer.

Just like the current homecoming court, the girls of ’94 got to pick their escorts. Christy Nagle was escorted by Jeremy Broadbent, Natalie Riley was escorted by Toby Mercer, and Kara Tomchick was escorted by Brian Wagner.

Unfortunately, the 1994 homecoming court did not have a skit night like B-A does today. Instead, they had a pep assembly Friday afternoon before the football game. The pep assembly contained a homecoming parade, similar to the one that will take place before the game next week.

Leo Club is holding this year’s skit night Wednesday, September 27 in the middle school gym. On Friday, September 29 there will be a homecoming parade around 5:30 followed by the crowing of homecoming queen during half time of the football game.

In 1994, Natalie Riley was crowned the winner.

Twenty-three years later the court’s daughters are all students at B-A. Christy’s daughter Alexis Gerwert is a member of the Homecoming Court; Kara’s daughter Bella Kies is a sophomore, while Natalie’s daughter Riley Amerine is a junior.