Mock Trial returns to Bellwood-Antis


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It’s been a couple of years since B-A sent a mock trial team into competition. The 2016 team competed twice at the Hollidaysburg Courthouse.

Julianna Norris, Copy/Page Editor

For many years, Mock Trial has been an important part of the Bellwood-Antis clubs scene. It was going on strong until last year, when B-A didn’t have enough interest to put together an official team.

While there were a few members who came to a few practices, there just wasn’t enough support to pull it all together.

That’s something team members and advisers are hoping to change this year.

Mock Trail is an activity where students take on the roles of lawyers and witnesses in a mock court trial. Students compete with against other schools in local courthouses and are judged by local attorneys.

The contest is run through the Pennsylvania Bar Association and has levels of competition ranging from regional to state.

I know we will have a great time as a team preparing our case and competing.

— Mrs. Cunningham

Mrs. Alyssa Cunningham, one of two Mock Trial advisers, said that this year there will be a better turnout because of the interest shown from newer members.

“Mock Trial competitions take place in January and February, which is a busy time for many students. However, we have many freshman signed up and a few new upperclassmen,” said Mrs. Cunningham.

While Bellwood-Antis has been participating in Mock Trail for many years, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. Because the team took a year off, they have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Competing involves reading a case common to all competing teams, getting to know the testimony inside and out, and then rehearsing as a team to develop cohesive arguments in defense and for the prosecution.

“We will have a lot to learn together, but I know we will have a great time as a team preparing our case and competing,” said Mrs. Cunningham.

Multiple students were disappointed about the fact that there was no Mock Trial team last year. Some of those students include juniors Isaac Patton and Daniel Kustaborder.

“I was very disappointed because I felt that our defense for the case was coming along quite well,” said Isaac.

Daniel also feels that it was unfair that Mock Trial was canceled.

“It was disappointing, especially after we had multiple practices and put in effort,” said Daniel.

Mock Trial for this year will be sometime in the middle of November. They have already started to meet and discuss this year’s case.