BAEA Sponsors Food Drive


Cazen Cowfer

BAEA is hosting a food drive for the next two weeks.

Sidney Patterson and Emily Dively

This week kicked off the beginning of the annual two week long food drive in both the middle and high school at Bellwood-Antis sponsored by the Bellwood-Antis Education Association. Donations will benefit St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry.

“The Bellwood-Antis Education Association feels this is a great cause, and a great opportunity for students to support the less fortunate in our community,” said Mr. Patrick Sachse, BAEA vice-president.

To encourage students to get involved, certain initiatives have been employed. The middle school homeroom that amasses the most donations will win an ice cream party. The high school homeroom who makes the most donations will win an ice cream or pizza party.

In years past the middle school has obliterated the high school in donations for projects similar to this one, like FCA’s cereal box drive in January, so its time for the high school to bounce back.

Collection items are as follows:

-Pasta Noodles

-Spaghetti Sauce (Jar or Can)

-Mac and Cheese

-Pork and Beans

-Cereal in Box or Bag


Mr. Sachse said he hopes a positive project like this will help build habits int he students.

“We are helping students appreciate the value of making the world a better place, and hoping they carry that with them the rest of their lives,” he said.

The drive will continue through November 16th, so get up and donate!