Sign-ups for Winter Lights going on now

Harley Strunk, Staff Writer

Winter Lights, the winter-semi formal, is being held on December 2. The Leo club is sponsoring this dance because the students had a blast at last year’s dance, so they wanted to have it again.

The sales of  tickets has been going good this year so far.

— Mrs. Bartlett

The tickets are being sold during the month of November through Friday, December 1 at lunch. So far, the Leo club has sold double the amount of tickets compared to this time last year, but there is still time to get your ticket for this fun event.

The cost of these tickets is $8.

“Leo club worked very hard to pull off a dance for high school students since we don’t have many dances. I felt it was a huge success and lots of people had fun we hope for a larger turnout this year,” said Leo club officer, Mya Decker.

According to Leo advisor Mrs. Carol Bartlett, the Leo Club likes to keep the cost reasonable so that all students are encouraged to come to this fun event.

The Leo club is working the dances.

“I have the best members in the club and they will continue to work at preparing the best dance possible,” said Mrs. Bartlett.

Last year, the Leo club members sold 140 tickets and they are hoping to top that this year. They have sold 53 tickets so far.

“The sales of  tickets has been going good this year so far, and our club anticipates to sell even more as the day of the dance gets closer,” said Mrs. Bartlett.

Mrs. Bartlett said the last week of the sale the Leo Club usually gets bombard by students wanting tickets. You can still get your ticket on the Friday before the dance, but the tickets won’t be sold at the door.