2 COOL 4 SCHOOL: Isabella Barbosa


Kaeylnn Behrens

Isabella Barbosa has played hockey from a very young age.

Mya Decker, Staff Writer

BluePrint News

Isabella Barbosa, a Bellwood-Antis freshman, is a beast in her own way. She has been in love with ice hockey since the day a pair of skates fit her!

Isabella gives credit to her mom and dad for that. Polly Barbosa played field hockey at B-A and Garrett Barbosa played juniors hockey when he was younger.

Since ice hockey is not a Bellwood sport, Isabella plays in multiple leagues in Altoona, competing on teams that range from co-ed to strictly girls. These include the U19 girls Trackers, U19 girls Mustangs, U16 boys Trackers, and U16 boys Mustangs.

A defenseman, Isabella said her style changes based on her competition. Against girls, where she is normally among the top skaters, she controls the puck a bit more and gets into the offensive flow. When playing with boys, she is more of a stay-a-t-home defenseman.

Isabella has been playing hockey for 11 years now. Her favorite part about it is how close she gets with all her teammates.

But playing for several teams consumes a lot of time.

“I’m extremely busy so I don’t have much time to do anything else, but it’s a lot of fun to be on the ice with all of my friends,” she said.

Since Isabella is so busy, she doesn’t have time for much else. Recently, though, she celebrated her 15th birthday with some of her closest friends, her dad, and her uncle in Disney.