2 COOL 4 SCHOOL: Harrison Walker


Kaelynn Behrens

Harrison Walker is getting serious with his passion for drums.

Mya Decker, Staff Writer


BluePrint News

The next installment of 2 Cool 4 School features a seventh grader in Mr.Hescox’s class who walks to the beat of his own drum … literally.

His name is Harrison Walker, and he is involved in many activities in school, like marching band and the junior high wrestling team.

However, one of his favorite out of school activities is playing the drums. Harrison learned to play from a drummer at his church two-and-a-half years ago and has been playing ever since.

It all started the first time he saw highly-skilled drummers live in action.

“I went to a concert and saw live drumming for the first time and decided that I wanted to play the drums,” said Harrison.

Harrison recently got involved in the Nittany Highland Pipe and Drum Band in State College, which had a major impact on his passion for drumming.

“My biggest achievement so far was playing my first night with them,” he said.

Nittany Highland Pipe and Drum Band is a Scottish bagpipe band complete with kilts. They perform in parades and shows all across the state. Harrison is the newest, as well as the youngest, member.

Congratulations to Harrison and good luck.