Kerry Naylor

Malacki Harper has enjoyed his B-A wrestling experience.

Corbin Nale, Staff Writer

Malacki Harper is about the most real person you could meet in a sport. He loves the sport of high school wrestling, and would love to move on to higher competition, but he knows he may not have the skill to be a college wrestler.

“I would like to, but you have to be pretty good, and I’m just not at that level,” he said. “Less than 5 percent (of high school wrestler) go on to college to wrestle.”

Malacki has wrestled at a couple of different weight classes this season, but he is in the District 6 2A tournament this weekend as a 17-seed at 145. After recording a surprise pin to win last week against Penns Valley at 152, he has been chosen as the BluePrint’s Athlete of the Week.

Malacki has been playing his favorite sport since ninth grade. He loves it because of the “bonds you create with teammates.” Malacki also loves being on the mat wrestling.

Like every sport, you need to learn how to do it. In that sense, Malacki was most influenced by his parents, Coach Andrekovich, and Coach Wilson.

“Without their words of wisdom, I don’t know where I’d be,” he said.

Malacki plans to go to a trade school for welding for and hopes to eventually get his CDL. Malacki also said he “wouldn’t mind doing some MMA.”. because MMA invokes wrestling moves and more.

Malacki’s current record is 6-11 and has an overall record from his 4 years of wrestling of 17-53. The team  finished with a 2-11 record.