Artist of the Week: Robert VanKirk


Kerry Naylor

Robert VanKirk has the starring role in Godspell.

Leah Farber, Staff Writer

It’s been said that Robert VanKirk has the voice of an angel. He’ll use it this spring to play the voice of God.

Robert has the starring role of Jesus in the upcoming production of Godspell. He is the BluePrint’s Artist of the Week.

Robert first got his start in singing in eighth grade. Mr. Bower confronted him after his sister’s chorus concert and invited him to join chorus. Soon after he did.

“Mr. Bower helped me to discover that I have a gift of signing,” said Robert. 

Robert said his biggest inspiration is God. He loves to sing worship songs in his car and at his church. On that note, after high school he plans to join a worship team at Penn State.

Robert is a big music fan but he also loves to play sports and act.

Not only is he in Godspell,  but he loves to compete in Cross Country and Track and Field. He also made it to Regionals for chorus.

He says that it is a little stressing to be in Regionals and Godspell, but that it is a great honor.

“To be in sports and music both can be hectic at times; however, I really enjoy them both and couldn’t imagine high school; without being this involved,” said Robert.

But little did you know he can play guitar, piano, and TROMBONE!

Mrs. Beth Hull, the high school chorus director, enjoys having Robert in class. She says he is even humble.

“He has an extended, colorful vocal range. He is musically sensitive, and he is a self-motivated and unifying leader in all his vocal ensembles. Although Robert is very humble, he is one of the most musically capable vocalists at Bellwood, and nearly all the chorus students love him and put him on a pedestal,” said Mrs. Hull.