Julianna Norris

Alex Suiters is interested in a career involving graphic arts.

Alex Suiters is like a lot of other kids. At an early age he liked art, but as he got older his passion for art grew more technical.

“I like art but I always wanted to make digital art, so I bought Photoshop and started there,” he said.  “I went to CTC to learn more skills, and to learn how to use Adobe illustrator.”

Alex dreams of being a graphic artist someday. That’s why he’s the Blue Prints artist of the week.

Graphic designs are technological designs used to interest people. He’s been into this kind of art for three years.

He has done plasters, logos, and edited photos for himself, the CTC and others. He also does designs based on TV shows, games and books.

At the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center, Alex studies multi-media and web designs.

After he graduates he wants to join the Military but, he also wants to go to college for graphic design.

“I inspired myself in doing graphic arts because I saw the potential I could get to,” Alex said.