ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Dominic Tornatore


Kaelynn Behrens

Dominic Tornatore is a very hardworking student and a phenomenal saxophone player.

Dominic Tornatore is a junior at Bellwood-Antis High School this year. Among his hardworking attitude, Tornatore also plays the saxophone.

Dominic has been perfecting is saxophone skills since fourth grade. His biggest inspiration was his dad and his dad is also the reason he began to play in the first place. As he played more he fell in love with the instrument.

“I play because I love music,” said Tornatore.

Over the years Tornatore has received three district medals and a Susquehanna University medal. He is also going to play in regional band this year. Dominic has played at most of the district 6 schools in PA and Susquehanna University. He has also performed at Barns and Noble.

“My favorite music to play is Jazz because it is the most fun to play,” said Tornatore.