Artists of the Week: the Peters sisters


Olivia Stetter

The Peters twins have been growing as artists since first getting involved with it in middle school.

Olivia Stetter, Staff Writer

This week’s Artists of the week are senior twins Annie and Danielle Peters, who both started drawing in middle school.

“I remember sitting in church drawing out a horse and that’s when my mom saw my talent and got me into private lessons,” said Annie.

Both girls like to draw when they’re bored or when they have an inspired idea. Annie’s favorite kind of art is charcoal portraits and abstract paintings, while Danielle likes water colors.

Although both girls like art Danielle does admit that her sister Annie is the better of the two. They both plan on continuing their art after high school and will be attending Pennsylvania College of Technology in the fall of 2018. Annie plans on going to school for business and someday run her own jewelry store, which will incorporate her artistic ability into the jewelry. Danielle would like to pursue her art career after she goes to school for business and hopes to have her own small business, also.

While Danielle’s favorite part about art is the final piece and the reactions she gets from her work, Annie likes that there is no limit. She can do things at her own pace and be messy with it.

Annie’s favorite project she has completed is the charcoal portrait she finished in 9th grade.

“It took forever to complete, but great work takes time,” she said.

Danielle’s favorite project would have to be her pen and ink drawing.

“It’s very basic, it has a vintage feel toward it, and am very obsessed over vintage,” she said.