Mini-THON teacher participation helps spark interest


Mikala McCracken

Minithon is Friday, and teachers are preparing to give a little something in order to raise a lot of money for a good cause.

The BAHS Mini-THON on March 2 is approaching rapidly, with committe chairmen scrambling to put everything in order to prevent this year’s dance from being a disaster like last year when it was cancelled due to a lack of participation.

Fortunately, the chairman are projecting a major success for many reasons, one of them due to a “teacher participation” hour being held during the school day at the beginning of the eight hour event.

Many of  favorite and funny teachers have agreed to support Mini-THON, including Mr. Burch and Mr. Elder, who agreed to take a pie in the face.

Other teachers have agreed to raffling off their parking spots.  Superintendent Dr. Thomas McInroy agreed to a pie in the face.

The most drastic event may be Mr. Naylor agreeing to shave his long locks in order to support funding for kids with cancer.

Students will be given five free tickets to place into a “teacher participation” section of raffles and are given the opportunity to purchase fifteen more tickets for $3. If a student wins a teacher’s parking spot, they will be able to claim the spot for a week after the THON. If a student wins the raffle to pie a teacher in the face- well, you know what happens next!

The novelty of teachers participating in front of the student body is the reason the chairmen are so confident that students who normally wouldn’t involve themselves would come out to the event to support their favorite educators. On top of that, the teacher participation hour was strategically placed. For Mini-THON, students must pay their way into the dance initially, but then have an extra cost to get out of school early to participate in special events specific for  THON, including Mr. Mini-THON and teacher participation hour. The teacher participation events will start at 3:30, so students can see them at a discount.

Operations and entertainment chairman Mya Decker said, “Mini-THON believes in giving back to kids our age. Just like us, they’re in grade school and deserve the right to be healthy, happy, and thriving. It is so fortunate that we have teachers in our school who wholeheartedly agree, and would do drastic things to make that important point.”