Feature Teacher: Ms. Harris


Julie Norris

Ms. Harris is in her second year at Bellwood-Antis.

Leah Farber, Staff Writer

Ms. Valarie Harris was the a Home Economics teacher at B-A last year, and when Arts Night came around she was surprised with how many things that needed to be done.

She had to rely on a small group of dedicated students to bring it all together at the end.

Now she has been here for a year and is getting a hang of it.

“I love Bellwood. The students are awesome and really nice. And the community and teachers have are awesome also. I also like the small school atmosphere and close-knit community. Everyone helps each other,” she said.

She says that being a new teacher, she didn’t realize last year how many people that came to Arts Night, so she’s been making cookies since January to prepare for Arts Night.

She didn’t always want to be a Home Ec. teacher.

“No, I didn’t always want to be a Home Ec. teacher. I originally wanted to own my own business in Fashion and received a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I was 31 when I got my teaching degree and have loved teaching ever since,” said Mrs. Harris.

And now she has has been teaching for 12 years. Before Bellwood she taught for 10 years at Williamsburg.

She wanted to come to Bellwood because she found out that Bellwood was hiring and applied because she was only part time at Williamsburg. She thinks it’s an awesome thing to be part of a great school district and community.