Steps to a successful end of the school year


Kaelynn Behrens

Mr. Hughes winds his school year down by taking student in his PE class outside to the track.

Leah Farber and Cazen Cowfer

With school winding down, students make plans for summer. Some start to slack off on school work, sleep in, or even skip school.

But teachers have different ideas on the best way to close out the school year, and it’s almost time for them to begin winding it down for another term. Here’s what B-A teachers said they did to bring the year to a close.


Ms. Valarie Harris, the Home Ec. teacher, likes to have a special final for her students and have some cleaning time for herself.

“I like to have my students make cupcakes for their finals, they seem to really enjoy it. But, for me I like to take time and clean out the cabinets, so i don’t have to do it at the beginning of the school year in August,” said Ms. Harris.

Mr. Partner, the eighth grade English teacher, loves to take everything off his walls for the end of the school year and have his students do a conspiracy theory project.

“I take everything off my wall. I have to because of the PSSA’s. I also like to have my students do a conspiracy theory project, just because its fun,” said Mr. Partner.


Mrs. Nyman, the female Health/Gym teacher, enjoys making lists for herself.

The list includes everything “I want to get done during the summer at home so I’m ready to tackle all the work I have to do,” said Mrs. Nyman.

Mr. Burch says he and the football coaches have had a long-standing tradition of playing golf together on the first Saturday of June. “The next thing you know after that, it’s August,” he said.

Middle school gym teacher Mr. Hughes is planning to get a cabin in the woods this summer, where he and his wife Mrs. Christina Hughes, a Myers teacher, can take their newborn on her first camping trip.


Mrs. Bartlett, a high school English teacher helps her junior students work on interview questions for their career job. She also prepares the sophomores for the English Keystone.

Mr. Gabrielson the high school computer/ financial literature teacher ends the year by continuing to provide learning opportunities to students in all his classes.

“In my Computer Applications 1 classes, students will be focusing on continued Coding or the production of a PowerPoint presentation; their choice. In Computer Applications 2, students take the final exam and then finish Access by completing graded assignments,” said Mr. Gabrielson. “Any student that is finished will assemble a Genre Changing/Shifting Movie Trailer. When students finish those lessons, they will run the Simulation helping them to navigate the obstacles to successfully navigate through adulthood.”

Mr. Hughes likes to take his students outside to run off some energy at the track. They also do other outdoor activities there, like field day.