Tune Talk: Camila Cabello

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

Now we all have at least heard of her before, and that was from the uprising and famous girl group, Fifth Harmony. The reason I’ve mainly decided to discuss Camila Cabello in specific is because people are overlooking her music, I actually bought her newest album because I’m a fan of Cabello’s work, but there’s other people that are labelling her as overrated when truly she’s underrated. First and foremost I think we all owe Camila some gratitude since she was bullied around and heckled by her own bandmates before she even left Fifth Harmony to start her own solo career, actually, the reason she even left Fifth Harmony was because of all the disrespect and hate she was getting from her fellow bandmates, all because they were jealous that she was the lead of the group. Fortunately Fifth Harmony is breaking up, so I was happy to hear that.

Let’s kick it off with what I think was Cabello’s best work with Fifth Harmony and that was the last album she released with the group, “7/27.” You once again may judge me for listening to “Girly music” or whatever, but you have to admit, “Flex (All in my Head)” was a pretty good song. There were also some other good songs on there like “Work from Home,” “This is the Life,” “That’s My Girl,” all those songs were really not that bad. Not as good as her solo work, but we’ll get there in a minute. The one thing that really bugs me about Fifth Harmony is their inappropriate dance moves, it’s featured in all their music videos and even whenever they’re playing live on a show like “Kid Choice Awards.” No kid needs to see anything like twerking at the age of 7, I’m just saying.

Since all of the other albums that Fifth Harmony released I never really cared about, we do have some songs that she released as singles in between that weren’t meant to be on her new album, but there actually were two of them that I really liked that didn’t make it on the new album. There actually were only 3 songs that didn’t make it, and I loved all of them, there was “Crying in the Club” which everybody knew thanks to Hot 100, and as usual they overplayed it, “Only Told the Moon” was a slow song that I loved a lot, and there was my absolute favorite, “I Have Questions.” “I Have Questions” is the one that really hit me in the heart first and I fell in love with her new music which is why I promised myself I’d buy the new album and I don’t regret buying it even though “I Have Questions” didn’t make it on the album. So onto the new album, she named it, “Camila,” because she couldn’t come up with a title she really wanted to give the album and even politely said she didn’t want to keep her fans waiting any longer so she just simply called it “Camila.” Most people know her new work as “Havana” which is a great song, I personally love it, but the radio overplays as usual, no surprise there. I love the entire album honestly, all except for one song which is called “Inside Out.” The beat in that song is really just kind of cheesy to me, it’s not my kind of song, but I fell in love with all of the other songs, and honestly I will straight up say right now, I’m very proud of what Camila is doing. So for the other songs we got, “Never Be the Same,” which some people should also know, “Consequences,” “Real Friends,” “Into It,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” “In the Dark,” and my absolute favorite, “All these Years,” I love the tempo personally and the guitar and everything just hit me right in the heart and I love whenever a good song does that.

Surprisingly we also got some newer singles that didn’t make it on the album but were released after “Camila” came out. We got this newest song called “Must Be Love” which came out on April 14th of this year, and “Sangria Wine” which came out April 10th and she’s actually been playing it live during her “Never Be the Same” tour she’s currently on in Los Angeles. I think Camila Cabello will do great on her future career, she’s already got a huge fan base, and her music has been changing my life actually, thanks to her I’ve turned far more towards the R&B indie type of music. Keep up the great work, Camila.