What Console is Best?


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For many reasons, Xbox is the king of gaming systems.

To start, I will compare the Xbox series X/S and Playstation 5. Xbox has slightly better and stronger components considering they are newer parts. Although, giving credit where credit is due, PS has optimized their games whereas Xbox has limited current games geared towards the new console. Only having re-optimized older games. It is just a matter of time until Xbox catches up and surpasses.

Both systems require a subscription to play online games. Xbox has an amazing deal called game pass ultimate, priced at $15 a month. This allows you to play over 100 games, various xbox exclusives, EA access, rewards, discounts, cloud gaming and Xbox live gold. PS Premium offers something similar but is lower quality in my opinion.

Controllers are more of a personal opinion of what feels right to you, but each has features that can change your mind. The new dual shock PS controller has a built-in microphone and bluetooth, but sounds cursed and distorted. I personally enjoy The larger Xbox controller with grips and bluetooth.

The PS is oddly shaped and very large making placement awkward. The Xbox is also fairly sizable, but is more powerful whilst bordering slightly smaller and having a better shape for convenience. 

Xbox also features reverse compatibility, this allows you to play games from older consoles, paired with the new quick resume ability thanks to faster RAM and GPU. On the other hand, PS has more exclusive games that are very popular, like God of War which is optimized with a higher resolution.

In the beginning Xbox was meant to be a multimedia device boasting internet access and popular streaming services whilst still having top notch gaming ability. Whereas PS has focused more on gaming and has slowly intergraded the previous features.

In all honesty its preference, both consoles will perform and play amazing. Previously owning both, I like Xbox better for reasons such as community which leans towards the older side, speed/accessibility, and easy user interface.