Tune Talk: Sonic Youth

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

I was very astonished to ask around my workplace and hear that a few people have never heard of Sonic Youth and claim to be alternative rock and grunge fans, saying they’re really big fans of people like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., and the Pixies. Sonic Youth is the best alternative rock band of all time, there is no comparing or anything to Sonic Youth, and as much as I hate to say it, they’re even more popular than Nirvana is. These guys were around from 1981 all the way up until 2011, and they’ve changed alternative music forever. Before I start off on Sonic Youth’s background, I have to talk about their first album which is where it really pushed them off into their high rising career in 1983 although their title for this album is inappropriate for this website so I apologize for that.

I’m just going to skip ahead towards 1988 since most their song titles aren’t exactly school appropriate but their first two albums is where it really kicked off for Sonic Youth. But their 1988 album definitely has to be my favorite of them all, “Daydream Nation.” This album featured amazing alternative, indie, and grunge noise in which I loved of course, it had songs like “Silver Rocket,” “The Sprawl,” “Cross the Breeze,” “Total Trash,” and my absolute favorite as well as 90% of Sonic Youth’s fan base, “Teenage Riot.” These guys are not only extremely creative in writing their own indie type of music, but they also took turns singing the lead parts between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. I just thought this was really cool, they do this with all of their albums.

In 1990, Sonic Youth released what was going to be the biggest album they’ve ever come out with of all time, “Goo.” On this album we got some more great songs like “Dirty Boots,” “Tunic,” “Disappearer,” and the most popular one that I found on there was “Kool Thing.” As I’ve already mentioned, “Daydream Nation” is my favorite album by Sonic Youth, but this album is by far the most popular Sonic Youth album out of anything that they’ve ever come out with.

The last album I’m going to talk about is Sonic Youth’s 1992 album, “Dirty” which is actually said to be Sonic Youth’s last good album as of 2000’s their work was not as good as they got some pretty neutral reviews but never went under the line, they stayed just above the line and remained successful throughout their entire career. On this album came songs like “Chapel Hill,” “On the Strip,” and “J.C.” and this album stayed above the line along with all of their other albums.

Unfortunately in 2011, Sonic Youth ended due to the divorce and arguments of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, the band broke up and Gordon put all of the blame on lead guitarist and lead singer, Thurston Moore. Honestly, I thought it was a horrible idea getting married in general, I don’t think it’s a great idea for them to be together whenever they’re in the same band, it could end in something else great being ruined, as you could see here, their band was taken down in the consequence of their decision.