JUST JUNIORS: Emily Osborne


Courtesy photo

Emily Osborne is a junior who loves to dance.

Jordyn Beam, Staff Writer

Emily Osborne isn’t just a junior. She is a talented girl with extremely high hopes for her future.

She dances at Andrea’s School of Dance, but that doesn’t hinder her from getting good grades and having a lot of great friends. When asked how she manages her workload and dance, Emily said, “I do my work after school before dance since most of my dance classes are at night.”

In her free time, she spends time with her friends and her dog. Most of her time is spent at dance, where she dances competitively. Some of her biggest achievements are winning a diamond award, the highest adjudicated award, for two of her group dances this past season.

Even with these big achievements, her goal is to always try and improve herself in dance and academically. She has even bigger goals for after high school.

“I want to be a lionette at Penn State and later become a veterinarian technician,” she said, although her dance teacher, Joci, wouldn’t be too happy about the news that she won’t be a professional dancer.

Sorry Joci, she has way bigger plans. Look out for Emily Osborne because she’s way more than just a junior.