B-A teacher learn to Stop the Bleed

Connor Gibbons, Staff Writer

Stop the bleed is a national awareness campaign and call- to- action. Stop the bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, an empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

Mr. Schreier said, ”There are several kits around the school that are accessible on all floors on each building. Smaller kits were giving to all the teachers. The teachers learned to stop blood loss as a result of traumatic injuries methods include: tourniquets, and direct pressure. Student are not taught the specific topic of stop the bleed but basic first aid skills are instructed in Heath 1 and Heath 2. I think that us students should learn how to put tourniquets on other students because if another student gets hurt badly when there is no teachers around they can put the tourniquets on the other student and get them to the nurse.”

Mrs. Hoover said, “Every classroom does have a smaller version of a kit.” The teachers learned how to stop bleeding from an injury through dressings and tourniquet use. She explained how the teachers are ready if something really happens and she said “They are ready but the most important thing to remember is to stay calm and then react.” The main question was the high school students be able to learn what the teachers learned? She said, “We weren’t planning on training them but it’s a good idea do train them.”

A high school teacher Mr. Elder said, “It was definitely an important thing to learn. You hope you never have to use the training, but if you do you will hopefully be able to do something positive.” So Mr. Elder learned “that you can fit a whole lot of gauge/quick clot in a person’s wound. The pro cons and advantages I’d been trained in similar things before, but to get a reference and see new methods, and equipment was helpful.”

I think that the kits are very important to have because if someone could seriously get hurt, a teacher could help him/her. It is also important when a student is hurt there is a kit all around the school and it is easy accessible for the teachers. Lastly, when a student get hurts the teachers are properly trained to help the students.