Tune Talk Album Review: Rise Against’s Wolves

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

Track 1: Wolves
Let’s just admit one thing right now. The first song off of your band’s first album is always the best. Rise Against was last heard in 2014 with their album, “The Black Market.” This song is what gets you pumped about the bands album in general especially with its rock beat and beautiful harmonies throughout the song. I guarantee you that 99% of Rise Against’s fan base was super pumped and head banged their head off to this song. I highly recommend this one if you’re new to Rise Against.

Track 2: House on Fire
This song is actually much different than their normal work. Not saying it’s slow, but it’s not fast either. Rise Against actually released this as their first single after 3 years of inactivity with new stuff. Most people were happy to hear that Rise Against was working on new stuff. I remember how ecstatic I was to hear this new song come out on the radio. 104.9 was the exact radio station. This album isn’t the best but it’s definitely not the worse. But I will say that this song could’ve honestly been better with it’s melodies and beats overall.

Track 3: The Violence
This song should’ve been the single that Rise Against released after 3 years of inactive new material. I fell in love with this song the instant I heard it. Which was literally just as I was writing this article. This is the classic Rise Against we all know and love today. It’s extremely difficult NOT to dance in my seat with how their music makes me wanna just head bang and sing along. I love how Rise Against has kept their genre and style the same after all of these years. It’s been exactly 14 years and these guys have been loyal to their punk rock/alternative rock genre.

Track 4: Welcome to the Breakdown
Welcome to the Breakdown. That just has Rise Against written all over it. The only reason I say that is because whenever I hear a certain song title I immediately guess and know whose song it is. Like Metallica with songs like “All Nightmare Long,” “The Unforgiven,” and “The Shortest Straw,” or even Panic! At the Disco with “Saturday Night (Say Amen).” Anyways, this song is more or so like “House on Fire,” but it’s definitely better with the rock portion. I like it. First time listening to it and I love it.

Track 5: Far From Perfect
Even faster. This one actually kind of reminds me of Foo Fighters “Monkey Wrench” with its intro. Only Foo Fighters will understand that reference. Anyways, this song is another one that is fast in the beginning and slow towards the middle. I highly recommend to new Rise Against fans if they haven’t already taken a look at this one.

Track 6: Bulls**t
Yes, I know this song title is inappropriate but I have to review the full album, I can’t just shut out one of the songs. If it makes you feel any better, I’d have to say this is another one of those slower songs that I’m not into. It’s not painfully slow, it’s just slower than what Rise Against usually does. Not a bad song overall, just not one of the ones that I fell in love with.

Track 7: Politics of Love
This is one of the GOOD slower Rise Against songs. I don’t understand the title because it doesn’t reflect with the song itself at all, but it sounds really good. It’s got its heavy chorus. Heavy bridge. Beautiful harmonies between the lead singer, Tim McIlrath, and his band. Definitely another song that I’d recommend to a friend or one of you random people reading this article. Not trying to offend you “random people,” I love that you’re reading my article, but you know what I mean.

Track 8: Parts Per Million
This is the song that’s really pushing me hard to go out and buy this album. This song is yet ANOTHER one of the classic heavy and fast Rise Against type of songs. So of course that’s what us Rise Against fans are all in this for. I can’t get over how awesome these guys with writing music and being able to continue to produce the same amazing material every year. It’s incredible. It really is. If nobody is marveled by this, I’m surprised. These guys are amazing. They truly are in their own special way.

Track 9: Mourning In Amerika
Track by track, and we’re still getting that classic Rise Against music we all wanted out of them. Like I’ve said before in all of these other songs. It’s the same classic rock we all desired. This song has its heavy beat and Tom’s beautiful voice calming you down. Almost as if you’re slowly going down a steady stream of water, laying down on your raft, and just thinking about life. Just what any teen or adult wants to do with their life is to just have time to relax and think about life.

Track 10: How Many Walls
How many walls can you put up? I feel like this is a song about Trump because he basically sings about all of Donald Trump’s ideas in this song. Now it’s not bashing Trump. I know this because Rise Against is a republican band. Not joking. Literally all of them are republicans in this band. Anyways, this song is another great one. It relies on America’s history as well as our current situation as Americans where we were worried about North Korea and whatnot. Great beat, great lyrics, and awesome rhythm.

Track 11: Miracle
Perfect song to end the album with. One of Rise Against’s calmer songs. Not too calm of course. Just the bridge leading to the chorus. But then again the chorus isn’t exactly fast either. That’s not the point here though. This is just another on of Rise Against’s perfect work. It actually ends with a fast rock riff followed by a long sustained note made by a chord being unplugged from a guitar. I love this song and I bet you will too. Take a listen.

I’d just like to put in conclusion I just want to say that overall this album is yet another one of the best Rise Against albums I have heard. I’d definitely recommend for any new Rise Against fans or even just plain alternative rock fans in general. Check it out, trust me.