Ali Wagner

Shawn Wolfe is in his second season starting at quarterback for B-A.

Corbin Nale, Staff Writer

Shawn Wolfe has been a star football player since the beginning of his career. Wolfe has been playing his favorite sport since he was 7,  participating in the Bellwood-Antis Youth Football League, where he played for the Southside Vikings. He was inspired to start football because of his Pap, Albert Wolfe, and his father.

Wolfe has played multiple positions in his career, including quarterback, defensive back, and returner. In fact, he has started at quarterback for two years.

This season Shawn has thrown for 664 yards and three touchdowns. He’s also rushed for 227 yards.

For his career Shawn has passed for more than 1700 yards and run for 818, putting 3,000 yards total in his reach.

Along with football Shawn also runs for the school track team.

Shawn just so happens to be heavily invested in the the Penn State, West Virginia, and Steelers football teams.

Wolfe follows some teams, but he also follows some people. He says, “My mentors would probably my dad and Jarrett Tanneyhill because I learned a lot from Jarrett.” He also says that he learned a lot from the senior group when he was a sophomore.

Wolfe’s father also taught him the fundamentals when he was just a young boy learning to play.

Shawn has a dream of attending Georgia Tech after high school and playing football if he gets a chance. As of now he hasn’t had any offers from colleges but he’s still planning to attend a post-secondary school.