Kaylee Kasper crowned Homecoming Queen


Ali Wagner

Kaylee Kasper gets a big hug from Paige Wenner after being crowned 2018 Homecoming Queen.

Mya Decker

On Friday, Kaylee Kasper was crowned Homecoming Queen!

“I was so shocked! I never would have thought a girl that plays Mario would win!” Kaylee said.

Senior Riley D’Angelo took runner up.

“It was such a fun week and I’m so happy for Kaylee! Bellwood did such a great thing and I’m proud to be part of this community,” said Riley.

For all the girls, the experience was one they will never forget! The night started right after school with a photo opp. The court and their escorts took several single shots and group shots.

After the photos, they rode in the annual Homecoming parade. Each contestant and their escort rode through Bellwood to showcase themselves to the community. The parade was a huge success!

The Homecoming court arrived at Memorial Field to watch the Bellwood-Antis Blue Devils take on Northern Bedford!

With the Blue Devils winning, the court and their escorts were presented to the crowd at the 50 yard line. A description of their life and club activities were read aloud as they walked across field.

The girls were so excited to see Kaylee be crowned! Congratulations to Kaylee Kasper and Riley D’Angelo on being crowned Queen and Runner Up!