2022 Homecoming dance coming Saturday


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The annual Homecoming dance takes place this Saturday at Myers.

Jase Hostler, Staff Writer

Homecoming week at Bellwood-Antis kicks off Saturday with the annual Homecoming Dance hosted at Myers Elementary.

The dance begins at 7 p.m.

This year’s Homecoming dance does not have a depictable theme. Instead, this years dance is being celebrated along with the Sideline Cancer charity football game, which has a theme of “believe always.”

The usual attendance of these dances is around 200 – 250 students.

The girls that are on the Homecoming court this year have also embraced the idea and sold over 250 t-shirts in the idea that this mission is “Bigger than the crown.” As well as the girls, the Renaissance Club is chipping in by always trying to create events that help students experience “moments that matter.”

When asked about the dance, Renaissance advisor Mrs. Allison Stinson said, “Homecoming dances are a great way for the entire student body (grades 9-12) to spend the night making memories.”

Last year’s COVID protocol forced the dance outside in a large tent. While that was a great alternative, the space in the elementary school is perfect for the dance. There is ample space for all aspects of the night, such as, dancing, food, pictures, and the LGI as a place for kids to watch college football games if they would like to.

“While the last couple years have created challenges, our students, teachers and administration have been supportive and creative in their planning of these events,” Mrs. Stinson said.

The dance kicks off a week of festivities to celebrate homecoming, culminating in the annual Homecoming football game against Mount Union on October 7.

Thanks go out to the all B-A staff and students who planned this event.