HOLIDAY-ISH: National Boyfriend Day


Today, October 3rd, is the day that everyone’s been waiting for: National Boyfriend Day!

It’s the day for people to show that special man in their lives some much deserved love and affection. People all across the nation use this time to tell their boos just how much they love them.

I wanted to know what some of the couples of Bellwood-Antis thought about this special day, so I went out there and investigated.

Sophomore, Riley Endress, expressed how she felt about the holiday. “Last year I ate food alone, but this year I have a boyfriend and it’s a pretty happy day.” Her and her boyfriend, Kasey McClellan, seemed to be having a great time studying together in the Media Center.

“Larry buys me things, so that’s pretty cool.” said senior, Tyson Irvin, when asked about her boyfriend. “He’s a cool dude and he’s nice.”

Olivia Thomas showed her love for her boyfriend, Noah Aiken, by posting a cute little picture of him with his dog on her Snapchat story.

Obviously, this holiday is for absolutely everyone! Not!

There are plenty of people out there without that special something and I was sure that they must feel left out.

When asked about her feelings on the holiday, Jordyn Beam started off by saying she was sad, but quickly corrected herself. “You know what? I actually don’t really care.” and laughed it off.

“It may be National Boyfriend Day, but does that really matter when it’s Mean Girls day?!?” says Mya Decker.

It seems that most of Bellwood’s singles aren’t really concerned with the holiday at all. A lot of them actually used today to spread love to their besties by posting cute pictures of each other.

To all the boyfriends out there, I hope your day went swell and you feel loved. And if you just happen to be one of the people who fall into the singles category, take this time to appreciate your guy friends and show them some love. They deserve it.

Happy National Boyfriend Day!!!