Scholastic Scrimmage earns honorable mention


Courtesy photo

Scholastic Scrimmafge team members (l to r) Philip Chamberllin, Caden Nagle, Paulino Cuevas, Nathan Wolfe, Daniel Kustaborder, Alex Taylor, Aiden Taylor, Kenny Robinson, and John Sloey, took fourth overall at the IU8 competition.

Ashlyn Ball, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis Scholastic Scrimmage team finished as a runner up in the 2018 scrimmage season after last week’s matches at the IU8 headquarters in Altoona.

In the semifinals, Bellwood won the first match against Altoona with 130-100 but, Altoona then won 120-115 in the second match before taking the third set to advance to the finals against Hollidaysburg.

Hollidaysburg, the eventual champion, won the final match with three straight wins over Altoona.

“Our students performed well,” said Ms. Kathy Taylor, the Scholastic Scrimmage coach. “We will miss our seniors Daniel Kustaborder, Nathan Wolfe, Paulino Cuevas, and Caden Nagle, but will be competitive again next year with our returning members.”

The team had only ever advanced to the semifinals once before.

“Overall we did pretty good. We only lost a few rounds. Most of the rounds we lost we just got some hard questions,” said junior Philip Chamberlin.

Team members include: Caden Nagle, Nathan Wolfe, Daniel Kustaborder, Philip Chamberlin, Kenny Robinson, Alex Taylor, Aiden Taylor, John Sloey, and Paulino Cuevas.

The seniors leave big shoes to fill.

“I think we will be pretty good next year. I remember the people coming up in junior high when I was in ninth grade they were in eighth grade and we did pretty well that year. We just missed the finals,” said Philip.