National day of giving


Hannah Wicks

The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is designated as National Day of Giving.

Today, November 27, is National Giving Day. This day is very special because, well, if you missed Thanksgiving five days ago, here’s your chance.

For what … ?

National day of giving always falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, kind of like Thanksgiving’s little sibling that no one ever pays attention to. Started in 2012 in the wake of the banking crisis, it was created to help people focus on charity around the holidays.

If you were wondering why you’ve never heard of this holiday, well its because it lives in the shadow of Thanksgiving and another big holiday.

This wannabe, spin-off of Thanksgiving,comes with the some of the same principles of Thanksgiving without the yummy food.

I mean what other holiday is there where you can like, I don’t know, give things to people you care about?

I mean well there’s Christmas, which we might as well just cancel Christmas since we now have National Day of Giving.